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viagra (insufficient oxygen supply to the tissues) of the fetus due to clamping of the umbilical cord, placental insufficiency, etc.

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Any other concomitant pregnancy, but not caused by it, should be contacted by an appropriate specialist directly or through an obstetrician or family doctor.

These specialists include a cardiologist, gynecologist-endocrinologist, rheumatologist, nephrologist, pulmonologist, phthisiatrician, etc.

Urologist, Dr. James Fishman, MD

When prescribing instrumental examinations, the obstetrician is guided by several basic rules.

The first rule states that research should be of the least harm to the fetus.

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According to the second rule, preference is given to studies that provide the most accurate information, and the choice of research should also obey the first rule. Based on the foregoing, the doctor may prescribe several studies, which in total are sufficiently informative, instead of one highly informative study, however, causing more harm to the fetus. The third rule states that the time required for the study must be taken into account without fail, since in obstetric practice you often have to deal with situations where every minute counts.

Female Urology

Female urology covers a group of conditions that are most commonly experienced by women. While some of these conditions are also experienced by male patients, others are specific to female patients.
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General Urology

With the help of this study, it is possible to determine the basal rhythm of the fetus (average heart rate over the last 10 minutes), as well as to determine the degree of fetal hypoxia during contractions based on changes in the heart rate.
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